Locative Media and Out Of Home Marketing

Locative Media and Out Of Home Marketing: The perfect Advertising Marriage!

Recently Wild on Media attended the Toronto Tiff Nexus event on Locative Media

And the enthusiasm to combine mobile cell technology, with online creative & locative branding was inspiring. Imagine walking past a large retailer that instantly offers you (providing you opt-in of course) an email with an in-store coupon offering you 25% off all items, however the bar-code in the promo email item must be scanned at the store you just walked by. Freaky, huh? This is a double edge sword of modern advertising versus the privacy of the individual, but it’s great for marketers and to a degree titillating to consumers, at the same time. The new wave of locative media also raises questions about privacy.

It was good to see the TIFF NEXUS event address those privacy concerns with regards to the public. If the combination of an opt-in relationship between marketers, advertisers, and the consumer is a mutual and consensual one – then opportunities are abound. Take Wild on Media’s promo bikes for instance, the bikes are used to promote brand messaging throughout urban areas. They are flexible forms of advertising. With large QR codes on the sides of artwork on the promo bikes, smart phone users can quickly scan the messaging and get instant information with an otherwise moving form of advertising.

Sky advertising, with our night signs, could offer concertgoers the ability to SMS text in a message and the helicopter hovering 1000 feet above could digitally spell out the greeting instantly! The ideas are endless, and the relationship between interactive and Out of Home (OOH) is only going to grow into bigger and better things.