Outdoor Media Advertising & Promotion Halifax

As one of the leading outdoor media advertising companies in Canada, Wild On Media has strong coverage across Halifax and other major cities in the country, built upon decades of experience in the industry. Our objective is to enable your business or brand to connect with your target audience in a fun, entertaining, and interactive way, using innovative campaigns that include LED video trucks and projection advertising.

We Help You Create Successful Promotions

There is a large potential market for any business in the capital of Nova Scotia, it is one of the biggest economic centres in Atlantic Canada. Wild On Media can help you create successful outdoor media campaigns that let your target audience in Halifax know about your promotion, sale, or other special event—moving to a new location, running a massive sale, or organizing a grand opening..

We use a combination of engaging projection advertising and interactive truck advertising, with LED videos and sampling trucks, and even adbikes, to make your customers aware of what’s going on and give them a reason to attend. We focus on:

  • Getting the Timing Right. We take into account when your promotion, sale, or other event will launch, and what else will be happening in Halifax at the same time. For example, if your advertising campaign runs during September, people will be focusing on back to school, football season, home improvement, and fall fashion, among other things.
  • Leveraging the Festivities for More Visibility. You can take advantage of our adbike advertisements and LED video trucks at any time of the year to take advantage of festivals and other large gatherings of people, including Natal Day, the biggest Canada Day celebration to the east of Ottawa, the Multicultural Festival, and Nocturne.
  • A Strong Call to Action. To get people to take part in large numbers, you need to communicate to them the most compelling message you can about your promotion or event. Elaborate on the opportunity and why your customers can’t afford to miss it.
  • Making Your Message Shareable. After reaching potential customers and getting them interested in your promotion, the next step is to give them a means to spread the word on your behalf. This means running a parallel campaign on Facebook or Twitter, and directing your audience to your social media page for real-time updates.

Outdoor Media Advertising for Any Call to Action

Out-of-home advertising is a welcome distraction for most consumers, which is why it offers exceptional recall rates. This is true for billboards. When you add a little fun and engagement, you get a high-impact advertising channel that can transform a little known brand or product into the talk of the town.

We can help you create outdoor advertisements that create a huge impact within a very short time. Contact Wild On Media in Halifax today for your custom advertising campaign.