Wedding Proposal Services in Toronto

Say ‘Yes’ To The Perfect Marriage Proposal

When it comes to popping the question, there are good ideas…then there are incredible next-level ones! If you’re planning on asking your partner to marry you and think a less traditional proposal suits both your style, we can help you put together something that goes way beyond the expected for a truly unique experience. Let’s get inspired!

Aerial Letter Banner

Love is in the air (literally) when it’s displayed on a huge flying banner.  Who can ignore a marriage proposal 1000ft overhead? Certainly not the love of your life, which is why aerial letter banners are an amazing option when you want your message to be seen loud and clear. These sky messages are creative and exciting – qualities that make the perfect marriage proposal!

Helicopter Night Sign

If love is written in the stars for you and your significant other, a marriage proposal under the night sky could be a beautiful idea. The night-sign is capable of displaying text on its lamps mounted under the Helicopter to viewers directly below the aircraft. Simply pick the location and our helicopter will illuminate the darkness with your chosen message. What could be more romantic?

Video and Laser Projection

Looking to profess your love in a unique way? Our marriage proposal service helps you display it on the big screen in the form of a huge projection. You set the scene with a romantic stroll or date night at a specific location, and your dream wedding proposal will illuminate the darkness in spectacular style. Video Wall Projections can create a single message in one location, or multiple ones in all your favourite spots across the city – it’s up to you how you want to ask the question.

Digital Trucks

There’s nothing ordinary about this medium, and if you’ve got your heart set on proposing in dramatic style, maybe a digital truck is the answer. We have the capabilities to easily create a picture montage of your favorite moments together for example, that would then be broadcast in High Resolution LED screens to set up your proposal. And did we mentions- music? Yes, the Digital Trucks have powerful speakers to elevate the effect of your proposal even more with your favourite love song. Our trucks literally go anywhere too, so when you pop the question, you pick the location.

Get Engaged With A Big Proposal Idea

So, whether you’re looking for a marriage or wedding proposal service for your high school sweetheart, a long-lost love or someone you fell in love with after just one date, the start of your ‘happy ever after’ should be unforgettable. At Wild on Media, we understand how important it is. In fact, when it comes to bringing your dream day (or night) to life…we’ve got you covered…you just need to bring the ring!

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