Outdoor Media Advertising & Promotion Toronto

In the big and fast-paced city of Toronto, with over 2.7 million people (and over 6 million people in the GTA), there is an abundance of outdoor media advertising opportunities for showcasing your message. Toronto, the largest city in Canada and 4th largest on the continent, provides a magnificent backdrop to highlight the success of an established brand, introduce new products and services, or initiate a call-to-action to get more traffic, leads, or sales.

At Wild On Media, we have an extensive track record of building brand awareness for our clients. Using a mixture of outdoor advertising products, we create campaigns that effectively reach your target market for positive results.

Mobile Ads Get Noticed

You need to be selective in your advertising and marketing approach, so that you cut through the clutter and reach your target audience. Wild On Media specializes in creating unique and creative bike and truck advertising approaches that carry your brand and your messages to the hottest spots in Toronto, so that you reach a massive number of individuals in your target market.

Studies show that transit ads are one of Canada’s top forms of media in terms of influencing shoppers and social media users. Our adbikes, LED video trucks, sampling trucks, and glass cube displays standout wherever they go, showcasing your brand and message in an attractive and memorable way that encourages your audience to share on social media.

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Toronto businesses choose Wild On Media’s outdoor advertising approaches for a number of reasons.

  • Unique and Effective. We use pictures, slideshows, videos, graphic animations, and other digital media to draw more of your audience’s attention. Our strategies are innovative and unique, which makes them impossible to miss or ignore.
  • Mobile and Targeted. Our LED video trucks can be moved around the city of Toronto to reach tens of thousands of targeted viewers, allowing you to get your message across with great accuracy and focus.
  • Budget Friendly. Our approaches cost much less than traditional advertising approaches while offering higher ROI.

With the remarkably high levels of competition in Toronto, we realize that marketers are looking for new, relevant, and meaningful channels to reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and get a response. Today’s media are cluttered with advertising messages, hence the need for new and quirky techniques to break through the clutter.

Outdoor media advertising provides one of the best ways to generate awareness, sell a product or service, and promote an image or brand. If you are looking to set up innovative, out-of-home advertising solutions in Toronto, contact our team at Wild On Media for assistance.