Outdoor Media Advertising & Promotion Regina

When it comes to promoting your business, brand, products, or services to the capital city of Saskatchewan, and second-largest city in the province, Wild On Media is your best choice for fun and engaging outdoor media advertising.

We use a unique media mix that can deliver your message to places in Regina where traditional out-of-home advertising is non-existent or even restricted, such as residential, commercially restricted, or high-income areas.

From Engagement to Sales

Wild On Media provides a range of outdoor media advertising channels, from wall projections to truck advertising, and even street-level advertising with our adbikes that provide a one-on-one connection with your local customers in the community of Regina, where they’re in a position to make the decision to purchase.

Our advertisements carry a strong call to action, which could be visiting a store or web address, buying a product or service, downloading an app, or any other action that generates leads and sales. Our LED truck advertisements showcase your message and, in combination with live tweets or QR codes, engage the audience and give them an active role in your campaign.

Our strategy works because it appeals to the human tendency to learn by action. When your target market walks up to your sampling truck or glass cube display truck for direct interaction with your products, they are actively learning about your brand or business. This level of interaction allows them to retain more information about you—your event, sale, product, or service—for longer.

Short-Term Campaign, High-Impact

Our outdoor media advertising campaigns are short-term—running for a few days, weeks, or months—yet they’re extremely successful, because their high level of engagement creates a memorable call to action in a short time frame.

With our unique outdoor media advertisement mix—projections, adbikes, and LED video truck advertisements—you can reach a high percentage of your local target audience anywhere in Regina within a short time. Our media mix is ideal for executing time-sensitive campaigns, seasonal specials, or new product launches that consumers should capitalize on within a given period of time.

With our mobile outdoor media advertising mix, you can create campaigns that capture your consumers’ attention and get them to act upon your offer or promotion immediately.

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Statistics suggest that engaging forms of outdoor advertising delivered on trucks, as with LED video advertising, or wall laser projections, can achieve massive reach and frequency. They also have incredible recall rates, and influence buying patterns, because consumers are likely to encounter them just before making a purchase.

You can use outdoor media advertising with any call to action, from creating awareness of a new product or location, to pushing your audience to further engagement online. Contact Wild On Media today for custom-tailored solutions.