Outdoor Media Advertising & Promotion Calgary

Looking to reach and impress your customers, clients, and prospects? Wild On Media offers a range of outdoor media advertising strategies, including designing dynamic and engaging content that can be projected on walls or used with a mobile truck advertising campaign to draw attention in even the most visually stimulating environments in Calgary.

Extend the Life of Your Advertising Campaigns

The largest population centre in Alberta, with over 1.2 million residents, the cosmopolitan city of Calgary is recognized as the hub of Canada’s oil industry. With rapid growth in the city and an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, our outdoor media advertising services provide a unique opportunity to reach the mass market by targeting daily commuters and anyone else who’s away from their home.

From truck and adbike advertising to wall projections, our approach to out-of-home advertising makes your message visible to a wide range of people. Unlike TV, radio, or print, these channels cannot be easily turned off or ignored, allowing them to extend the life of your advertising campaigns.

Because they are always on the road, or parked in a high traffic spot, our outdoor LED truck advertisements are able to reach markets that no other advertising medium can reach, giving you exceptional coverage, frequency, and impact. With much of your audience passing through the same routes every day, we offer an engaging form of advertising that is also highly repetitive and memorable.

Mix of Creative Out-of-Home Advertising Media

When people think of outdoor advertising, the first thing that comes to mind is billboard advertising. Thanks to advances in technology, we offer more engaging forms of advertising, including wall projection and outdoor laser advertising, which involves projecting video or static content onto any outdoor or indoor physical structure. This gives your company a virtually unlimited resource on which to showcase your message.

By choosing Wild On Media, you benefit from some of the best outdoor advertising technology and engineering expertise in the world, right here in Calgary. We work with you to tailor an entertainment, information sharing, or digital advertising solution that meets your exact needs.

If you want even more space and freedom to showcase your message, we also provide LED video trucks and adbike advertising. With our vehicles and bikes, you can choose a specific geographical area or location for well-targeted marketing. We put your message directly in front of your target audience, giving you the best ROI for your advertising dollars.

Contact our team today to discuss the best outdoor media advertising opportunities to reach your intended audience in Calgary.