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Digital Ad Trucks

Billboards might be big. But outdoor marketing has moved on to bigger and better. Why wait around to be noticed, when a Digital Ad Truck transports your message right into the heart of the people you want to engage with? A video truck can reach very precise markets, whether it’s at an event, festival, store opening or heavy commuter area, so when your brand is talking, the right ears are listening. Our state-of-the-art digital trucks offer a diverse portfolio of creative mobile marketing solutions that command the attention of your audience. Project dynamic video or static messaging that gets seen. Stand out from the crowd with high definition LED text and graphics or captivate potential customers with an interactive campaign and live stream.

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Digital Taxi Top – Z103 Advertising in CA
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Taxi Top Ads

Forever pushing the envelope and mixing new technology with advertising sense Wild On Media has brought yet another Out-of-home advertising medium to Canada.

Digital (LED Video) Taxi Tops Advertising have landed in Canada! Recently launched, and much loved in markets like the US and the UK, the Digital Taxi Tops Advertising makes huge sense in dense markets like Toronto. These state-of-the-art bright digital billboards are going to swarm the downtown streets of major Canadian cities soon and you want to make the most when it happens.

Sailboat Ads

Wild On Media provides the only signage visible on the horizon over the water and engages the public when they are less distracted from their surroundings. The message is remembered and not lost as often a case with billboards by the desensitized highways. We sail 7 days a week, 3 times per day. Our sailing route takes us across the Toronto waterfront, which means getting exposure from crowds at the Harbourfront, Sugar Beach, the Toronto City Centre Billy Bishop Airport, Cabana Pool Club, cruise ships and Toronto Islands. These one month or all-summer long campaigns draw natural attention and end up in millions of travel photographs for years. We reach over an estimated 38.5 million impressions each season.

Sailboat ad for Monsoon beverage and Coors Light CANADA TORONTO ext
Wall Projections
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Wall Projections

From dawn to dusk, the city is a blank canvas and yours to utilize. By hijacking an area for a Video or Laser Wall Projection, you’re cleverly stopping your specific target market in their tracks, with an entertaining and captivating piece of advertising. Draw people closer for phase two of your campaign that could include street teams and brand ambassadors handing out flyers, contests, giveaways etc. Or choose to project at street level to appeal to a smaller, more intimate but highly relevant market.

Street Advertising

Street Media teams give a message the human touch. With people grabbing attention and spreading the word about your campaign, you enhance friendly participation towards your brand. A professional team on the street will engage potential customers on a deeper level where future product purchases are more likely. As part of our Street media, you can benefit from professional Sign spinners or Brand Ambassadors who can carry out your Walking Billboard or Adbikes campaign.

Street Advertising
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Aerial Advertising

Aerial Advertising

See your profits soar.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to Aerial Advertising. Of all the mediums that take your advertising up overhead, Helicopter Sky Murals and Airplane Sky Signs are the most spectacular.

An aerial banner appeals to everyone. Who can resist looking up when a helicopter or airplane flies past towing a colourful banner – it’s fun and compelling. From young people to seniors and moms to business professionals, ads in the sky are an instant attention grabber for us all.

No distractions

Since man has learned to fly, aerial advertising has been popular. The sky offers an uncluttered environment in which to display a message…

Helicopter Banner - Wildonmedia

Helicopter Banner
campaign for Lexus of Calgary.

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In Light of Recent News

We can confirm the Digital Ad Truck seen spreading hateful and Islamophobic message in Toronto on June 18, 2024 is not one of ours, nor are we related in any kind with the campaign.

Every creative or artwork submitted to us is seen by us and not automatically forwarded to Digital Truck technicians, or uploaded or shared with partner vendors. We follow company’s ethics of responsible and productive messaging only.

We commit to our two decades old best practices:

• We will not run any messaging that we know or even suspect that promotes hate of any kind
• We will also not knowingly run ads with symbols, flags, etc. that represents hate
• We will not run any ads that contain disturbing visual content or immodest nudity
• We see each ad material and are able to use discretion to run the ad, ask client to change their creative or cancel the agreement and offer a full refund. In the rare case where questionable content slips through, we will immediately pull the ad.
• As we work with many trusted agency partners, though we don’t question the ad integrity when booking the ad but we do see each and every creative before it gets produced and printed even in quick turnarounds.