Outdoor Media Advertising & Promotion Ottawa

Ottawa-Gatineau is home to over 1.2 million people, and the capital city of Canada also boasts the most educated population and highest standard of living in the country. When it comes to promoting your brand, products, or services to a largely technologically savvy audience, we have just the right mix of outdoor media advertising solutions to boost engagement both offline and online.

The Natural Partner to Other Media

When you initiate an outdoor media advertising campaign, it doesn’t necessarily need to be your only marketing and promotion strategy. We recognize the merits of each and every form of marketing, and know that the most successful outdoor marketing campaigns are those that use it in combination with other mediums, reminding your target audience about the campaign in other media in a fun and unintrusive manner.

Our LED video trucks, sample trucks, adbike advertisements, and wall projections are all designed to make the ad more engaging and interactive. With our campaigns, we enable you to provide your customers with a unique brand experience that not only complements online, TV, and press advertising, but also effectively persuades consumers to take action and purchase your product or service.

Our mobile advertising units are particularly helpful when looking to make an impact during Ottawa’s annual seasonal activities, including the largest festival in the country, Winterlude. Other vibrant activities include the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, Canadian Tulip Festival, and Bluesfest.

Engaging Advertising to Cut through Media Clutter

Research shows that audiences are more likely to notice and pay attention to engaging and interactive outdoor media advertisements than any other form. In fact, many respondents claim that they find themselves deliberately looking at the ads rather than deliberately trying to avoid them as they usually do with press, online, or TV advertisements. In other words, we provide outdoor advertising solutions that are a welcome distraction, making it easier for you to communicate with your audience.

When you choose Wild On Media, we work with you every step of the way to map out a solution that will bring your vision to reality. Through our huge front- or rear-projection applications, we can create stunning walls displays in a range of settings. Featuring warping and image blending capabilities, our portable projectors deliver an innovative platform for magnificent large-scale displays.

Contact our team in Ottawa so we can start designing your custom outdoor media advertising campaign.