Bitcoin Goes Bold And Creative With Wild On Media’s Out-Of-Home Advertising

Bitcoin Goes Bold And Creative With Wild On Media’s Out-Of-Home Advertising

This Canada Day, July 1, 2018, the Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) a global organization promoting the use of Bitcoin Cash, ran an experiential campaign in Toronto. This was part of a global digital campaign wherein visitors to BCF’s could win Bitcoin cash. Undoubtedly, the tactic used in Toronto was the most unique one. A digital (video) truck live-streamed the online competition for the crowds, out to celebrate the Canada Day. The digital truck drove to predetermined festivity-filled areas and attracted people to participate through bitcoincashers’ website.

“As a disruptive industry, coming up with fresh ideas happens more easily,” says Paul Wasensteiner, Executive Director of the BCF. ‘We frequently carry out social marketing campaigns to raise awareness about this legendary cryptocurrency but we feel that even the digital (online) space is getting crowded especially in North America. We came up with this unique idea with the simple goal to stand out. And it worked. We are thankful that Wild On Media could offer this advanced digital truck which had large LED screens and streaming option,” adds Wasensteiner.

BCF was able to measure the number of views or participants from Toronto market instantly as the digital truck reached different parts of the city.

“We acknowledge the huge growth of digital marketing as out-of-home’s biggest competitor. But rather than fighting with it we are adapting and growing with it,” says George Christidis. He adds, “We probably have the only Digital Ad Truck in the country which is capable of a seamless live stream. This opens up tremendous options for advertisers to create new kind of experiential campaigns. The whole campaign was carried out by a client sitting in Germany in this case.” For years now, brands have been trying to create social media activities around experiential campaigns by simply creating hashtags or offering discount coupons.

Christidis adds that “we have been getting a lot of interest from cryptocurrencies and even cannabis related companies from Canada, as well as abroad. These new industries are coming up with ideas that traditional sometimes don’t. Many Cannabis brands are ready to use our services as soon as the fog around the laws clears.”

In efforts to keep up evolving needs of the industry Wild On Media also launched country’s first digital taxi tops. Comparing with traditional taxi tops, the digital ones allow the advertisers to change the creatives on the fly and choose area and time to run those ads.

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