Digital Taxi Tops Advertising; LED Video Taxi

Forever pushing the envelope and mixing new technology with advertising sense Wild On Media has brought yet another Out-of-home advertising medium to Canada.

Digital (LED Video) Taxi Tops Advertising have landed in Canada! Recently launched, and much loved in markets like the US and the UK, the Digital Taxi Tops Advertising makes huge sense in dense markets like Toronto. These state-of-the-art bright digital billboards are going to swarm the downtown streets of major Canadian cities soon and you want to make the most when it happens.

You Ask “WHY!?”…

Traditional taxi tops have already proven to be a success all over the world. Ad Panel Movement increases eye contact by 37%. (JCDecaux WorldLink Sutton Study.) There comes the magic of the Digital (LED Video) Taxi Tops.

Few of the unbeatable advantages:

  • Bright LED digital screens combined with the large presence of taxis
  • No banner printing costs (like traditional taxi tops and billboards)
  • Short term campaigns
  • Flexibility to change creative for dynamic campaigns

City loving and hardworking…

We are launching the Taxi Tops, both static and digital, in partnership with the downtown Toronto based Flash Taxi fleet. These taxis run 24 hrs a day and are equipped with GPS. We have also developed a software allowing us to see the live reach of advertising just like a dispatch system.

These are ‘the spiderman version’ of billboards! They love downtown traffic and are unmissable.

Wild On Media’s Digital Taxi Tops Advertising offer:

  • 2 LED faces per taxi top
  • 11,750 estimated impressions per face per day
  • Complement with in-vehicle advertising and vehicle wraps
  • Millions of memorable daily impressions targeting professionals, tourists, and the nightlife lovers

The Wild On Media Advantage…

With our two decades of experience of street media advertising and guerilla campaigns we know our audience and where they hangout. With additions of Taxi Top advertising to our tools we have brought onboard a team that has the skills and experience needed for smooth Taxi top operations. We are committed to delivering well displayed ads on schedule to make the best impact.

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