Sail Boat Ads

Uncluttered Advertising?… Aye Aye!

Wild On Media provides the only signage visible on the horizon over the water and engages the public when they are less distracted from their surroundings. The message is remembered and not lost as often a case with billboards by the desensitized highways.

Pirates of Impressions…

We sail 7 days a week, 3 times per day. Our sailing route takes us across the Toronto waterfront, which means getting exposure from crowds at the Harbourfront, Sugar Beach, the Toronto City Centre Billy Bishop Airport, Cabana Pool Club, cruise ships and Toronto Islands. These one month or all-summer long campaigns draw natural attention and end up in millions of travel photographs for years.

We reach over an estimated 38.5 million impressions each season.

Better Than Just Billboards on Water!

The sails are printed using high-resolution printing at 600dpi, which is 6 times the average billboard. The masts extend over 46-60 feet above the water and carry 600-900 square feet of sail area. This is over 4-6 times the height of a standard billboard and provides a 300-500% larger image. Imagine two different, yet highly detailed graphics on both sides of the sails capturing the attention of millions of people along the bustling waterfront. For an even bigger presence, the boat’s hull can be added for more graphics space when the sails are lowered!

The ‘Offshore’ Experiential Campaign 

Our boats are the newest luxury yachts on the water. This means that while their sails get mass publicity, the yachts can be used for unique experiential campaigns!  A select group of influencers or stakeholders invited to experience a product or service on the yacht is one cool way of reaching the target audience. Wild On Media’s street teams are amphibious beings who are as comfortable on the water as on the city streets!

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    In Light of Recent News

    We can confirm the Digital Ad Truck seen spreading hateful and Islamophobic message in Toronto on June 18, 2024 is not one of ours, nor are we related in any kind with the campaign.

    Every creative or artwork submitted to us is seen by us and not automatically forwarded to Digital Truck technicians, or uploaded or shared with partner vendors. We follow company’s ethics of responsible and productive messaging only.

    We commit to our two decades old best practices:

    • We will not run any messaging that we know or even suspect that promotes hate of any kind
    • We will also not knowingly run ads with symbols, flags, etc. that represents hate
    • We will not run any ads that contain disturbing visual content or immodest nudity
    • We see each ad material and are able to use discretion to run the ad, ask client to change their creative or cancel the agreement and offer a full refund. In the rare case where questionable content slips through, we will immediately pull the ad.
    • As we work with many trusted agency partners, though we don’t question the ad integrity when booking the ad but we do see each and every creative before it gets produced and printed even in quick turnarounds.