Digital Screen Rental: For Event Activations & Mobile Advertising

Festivals & Events Ontario

Digital Trucks. It’s AV done easy.

A simpler way to get Digital Screen up, on and ready to go

Looking to hire a LED Screen for an event? Our Digital Trucks offer a complete AV package, but with little set-up time, no trailers and cranes, and no engineer sign-off.

Minimal effort

The impact of a Digital Truck Screen in a crowd is incredible. People at sporting events or music festivals suddenly have a focus that gets them excited and in the mood to have lots of fun. Creating this incredible atmosphere has, until now been an expensive and lengthy process. But Wild On Media’s Digital Trucks have all the audio-visual capabilities you need, minus the hassle and cost. Firstly, LED screen rentals from a regular AV company require multiple technicians to accompany the equipment, which includes screen modules, trusses, a generator, computer and cables etc. This takes time to source and gather. Then the digital screen would have to be set up onsite, which can be a lengthy and costly process. Finally, when everything is in place, a qualified engineer would need to visit and sign off from a safely point of view.

AV alternative

As an option, you can rent our Digital Truck which can be driven right to the site, and installed in no time – it doesn’t even require sign-off. Just one driver/technician to quickly and easily get everything up and running. A Digital Screen Rental from us offers an audio and visual experience like no other. Our High Resolution Raising Screen LED Truck allows you to broadcast your video or slideshow on a screen almost 17 ft. high, while all our mobile LED trucks boast three backlit HD screens that can operate independently to game, play video or stream live. Powered by the highest resolution LED technology, your screen installation will be seen as vividly during the day as at night. Our self-contained LED Trucks include:
  • 2 x 15 ft. wide x 6.5 ft. high P10, P8 & P6 screens for the side screens for playing content and/or live feeds
  • a rear screen that measures approximately 6ft. wide x 6ft. high for playing graphics i.e. slide show
  • 20k kilowatt generator
  • computer
  • video processor
  • an audio system with 1,000-watt amp and 2 x 300 watt speakers

Less is more

The implications of such a streamlined process are also the price. A Wild On Media Digital Truck is a fraction of the cost of a team of technicians and a screen installation from another AV company. Your audience still gets the same high-quality experience, but you experience less stress and less cost.

Get your Digital Truck Screen set up quicker and cheaper

Engage the audience

The introduction of Smartsign to all our Digital Ad Trucks takes the effectiveness of mobile advertising in Canada one step further. This latest innovation in targeted messaging allows you to offer personalized deals and incentives straight to people’s smart phones on-site. You already know your target market has an interest in your brand, why not take that relationship to the next level while you’re engaging with them? Think of it as recapturing an already captured market. In addition to this, Smartsign can collect important data on who is actually engaging, how many eyes are on you and detailed information on your consumer’s behaviour.

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