Outdoor Media Advertising & Promotion Winnipeg

The largest city in Manitoba, and the province’s capital, Winnipeg is home to a multitude of annual festivals,owing to its cultural diversity. From the Jazz Winnipeg Festival to the Festival du Voyageur to Folklorama, these festivals provide a unique opportunity to showcase your business and brand with our adbikes advertisements in a fun and engaging way.

Wild On Media offers creative outdoor media advertising opportunities to reach your intended audience right where they are. Using wall projections or LED video advertisements, we can assign our team to particular territories where your target audience is likely to be, delivering your message with incredible precision compared to other advertising channels.

Why Truck Advertising?

Recent reports on commuting times from Statistics Canada show a continued increase in time spent on the road, with most commuters spending over an hour in a round trip. Another study by Canadian Facts revealed that 53% of Canadians’ active time is spent outdoors, where they receive 33% ad exposure via the different forms of outdoor advertising.

At Wild On Media, we help you set up different mobile digital outdoor advertisements, including LED video trucks and ad-bikes, so your message can reach your target audience during their commute, to and from shopping, on their lunch break, or en route to entertainment spots. Outdoor advertising is usually the last message your prospect sees before making the buying decision, and we want that to be your brand’s advertising.

Giving You More Exposure and Media Attention

Besides the high exposure to a wide audience offered by outdoor media advertising campaigns, you also benefit from greater publicity owing to media attention drawn towards your campaign. Media coverage, ranging from reports on the brilliant creativity of your new campaigns to public perceptions about the ads all help to create interesting news about your brand, products, or services that helps to generate valuable extra coverage and exposure.

Dependable Results

You know the areas or neighbourhoods you want to reach with your promotion or advertisement. With an LED video truck, laser projector, or ad-bike, that is exactly where your message will be seen.

If your ad campaigns have been previously limited to local online listings, think of what potential customers see when they search on Google: a multitude of local companies. So why would they pick your business?

Our outdoor media advertisements are designed to differentiate you from the competition. If many photos of your wall projection advertisement or adbike advertisement are taken and posted online during one of the many festivals, they will appear during a Google search, giving your business even more familiarity and credibility

Contact Wild On Media today for your engaging out-of-home advertising solution in Winnipeg today.

In Light of Recent News

We can confirm the Digital Ad Truck seen spreading hateful and Islamophobic message in Toronto on June 18, 2024 is not one of ours, nor are we related in any kind with the campaign.

Every creative or artwork submitted to us is seen by us and not automatically forwarded to Digital Truck technicians, or uploaded or shared with partner vendors. We follow company’s ethics of responsible and productive messaging only.

We commit to our two decades old best practices:

• We will not run any messaging that we know or even suspect that promotes hate of any kind
• We will also not knowingly run ads with symbols, flags, etc. that represents hate
• We will not run any ads that contain disturbing visual content or immodest nudity
• We see each ad material and are able to use discretion to run the ad, ask client to change their creative or cancel the agreement and offer a full refund. In the rare case where questionable content slips through, we will immediately pull the ad.
• As we work with many trusted agency partners, though we don’t question the ad integrity when booking the ad but we do see each and every creative before it gets produced and printed even in quick turnarounds.