Wild On Media’s Yacht Sails Bring Billboards to Lake Ontario

25 June, 2018
Wild On Media’s Yacht Sails Bring Billboards to Lake Ontario

Toronto, June 25, 2018- Wild On Media launches another fancy outdoor advertising medium with the ‘Sailboat Ads’- just in time for summer. As people crowd the Toronto harbourfront, the Toronto islands and the boats congest the waterways, brands get a new way to be part of the action. These 600sqft-900sqft sails are digitally printed and can even be seen from lakeshore condominiums.

“Yet another great way to reach the millions of people attracted to beautiful Toronto harbor every year this time around. We see the Sailboat Ads as a natural choice for lifestyle brands, including beverage and destination brands.” Says George Christidis, president of Wild On Media. He adds, “The model has been hugely successful in other countries, especially our southern neighbours. So, we are thrilled to introduce this new medium to our clients” The campaigns can be 4, 8 or 12-week long.

The company is offering the whole yachts as an advertising space including the hulls, and not just the sails. A 4-week campaign can cost $25000 with options of using the sails or hulls. A hull wrap costs about $4900 whereas a large sail could cost as much as $42000. Wild On Media estimates 12.9 million impressions over a 4 week period.

Advertisers also get one free evening of partying on the yacht or maybe even add an experiential element for a chosen few stakeholders. The yachts sail across the harbor anywhere from Sugar beach in the east to Humber bay in the west three times a day.

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