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Are mobile truck ads a distraction for drivers?

WATCH ABOVE: It’s being called the future of advertising. But there are critics who feel video ads on mobile trucks is distracting for drivers. Cindy Pom reports

TORONTO – Mobile truck advertisements have critics questioning whether it is a major driving distraction.

“Anything that distracts a driver from a driving task is going to be quite dangerous,” said Angelo DiCicco, the GTA Director of Young Drivers Of Canada. “Many of us are used to concentrating on the task at hand, which is driving. But not everyone is.”

But George Christidis, whose company Wild on Media Inc. provides mobile ad services, believes companies are trying to break away from the clutter of traditional advertisements.

“A mobile video truck is not any different than a vehicle delivering pizza. In this case – we’re delivering a message,” he said.

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Vancouver is the only Canadian city to ban mobile truck ads because of its potential impact on drivers.

Toronto does not have any laws regulating mobile truck advertisements.

“We are starting to investigate the need for that. If there is a need. And how to regulate it,” Mark Sraga, Toronto’s director of investigation services.

“We’ll have to consult with Toronto Police to see if there are any statistics (on crashes).”

But Toronto Police Constable Clint Stibbe told Global News Wednesday there are no statistics that determine whether an accident was caused by distractions from advertising.

Police doubt whether moving ads are a big enough distraction for drivers.

“In theory, what would be the difference between having a pink car drive beside you and [a mobile video truck?]” Stibbe said.

The City of Toronto will be reviewing the need for a mobile ad regulation in 2015. A report could be presented before city council by late 2015.

Source: George’s interview on Global News