Digital Truck: Manulife

Project Description

Client: Manulife
Agency: PaduloX
Medium: Digital Ad Truck and Brand Ambassadors
Market: Digital Ad Truck was part of the Pride Parade. Roamed around Church St., Jarvis St. and Wellington area few days pre-parade promoting Share the Love. Pride Parade head office for the launch of the campaign
Objective: To promote Manulife’s Share the Love #ProudAtWork #ProudTO campaign
Target: Pride Parade and pre-parade attendees
Tactic: Manulife utilized a Digital Truck to promote their Share the Love #ProudAtWork #ProudTO 

@Manulife campaign prior and during the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade. The campaign was launched at the Raising the Pride Flag Press Conference held at their head office a few days prior to the Pride Parade. The Digital Ad Truck was also used to roam around downtown Toronto and throughout the “Gay District” promoting the campaign. Brand Ambassadors were positioned with the Digital Truck at various locations taking pictures of people and posting them on Twitter, as well as displaying them on truck’s rear LED screen. The Digital Ad Truck also doubled as Manulife’s float in the Toronto Pride Parade.

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