Glass Display Truck: Weetabix Cereal

Project Description

Client: Weetabix Cereal
Medium: Glass Display Truck
Market: Maritimes and Cobourg, Ontario where Weetabix headquarters are located
Target: General population in Maritime provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
Tactic: The truck was fully wrapped with the Weetabix brand and the image on the cereal box was given a three-dimensional existence and brought to life with motion. The movement of the truck enhanced the impression of colorful fruit splashing in a huge bowl of milk, and a mockup of 

the actual product inside the truck under glass was a curiosity to young and old. It was an eye-catching display wherever it travelled whether parked or moving – an extraordinary presentation that made a memorable message. Uniformed Brand Ambassadors in many communities gave away free samples and coupons and actively engaged curious customers throughout the Maritime Provinces. The truck finished its campaign in Cobourg Ontario near Weetabix’s Head Office. The truck even participated in Cobourg’s July 1st parade distributing free samples to the delighted crowds.

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