Digital Ad Truck: No Frills

Project Description

Client: No Frills
Agency: Ampifi Canada
Medium: Digital Ad Truck
Market: The Digital Ad Truck travelled strategically and carefully along a chosen route following Rathburn Road, the southern border of Centennial Park, and entered Centennial Park Blvd. This is the road attendees of the Ribfest would use to park their cars at several parking lots. The truck also travelled along Eglinton Ave. (northern park border) to reach attendees entering the park from that end
Objective: Utilize an LED Truck to reach attendees of Toronto Ribfest

Target: Attendees of the Toronto Ribfest at Centennial Park. Toronto Ribfest is one of the largest such events in Canada drawing over 150,000 people. Given that 2017 Ribfest coincided with Canada’s 150th Birthday celebrations, the event drew over 200,000 attendees.
Tactic: The Video Truck was an excellent medium to target people living within the area as well as reaching people from outside the area who were attending the event

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