Digital Ad Trucks: 20TH CENTURY FOX – Planet of the Apes

Project Description

Client: 20th Century Fox
Agency: Zenith OptiMedia
Medium: Digital Ad Trucks
Objective: To promote the theatrical release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Target: Downtown Toronto and major cinemas across the GTA
Tactic: For three weeks in June and July 2014, Zenith Optimedia of Toronto promoted the upcoming theatrical release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The reaction to the truck was amazing as it traveled throughout the city visiting public areas, busy pedestrian thoroughfares and 

major arteries. Heads turned, crowds gathered, street performers took advantage, and some entertainment seekers were even seen setting up their own chairs and relaxing in front of one of screens.
One evening, a truck was positioned between the Beyonce concert at the Rogers Centre and the Lady Gaga concert at the Air Canada Centre. Concert-goers approaching or passing by the truck from all angles were amazed – many stopping in their tracks and watching the video several times! Wild On Media has many years of experience reaching people arriving and departing from both indoor and outdoor events. Countless people were seen taking selfies and group shots with the truck video playing behind them.

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