Digital Ad Truck: University of Saskatchewan

Project Description

Client: University of Saskatchewan
Medium: Digital Ad Truck
Market: Toronto
Objective: To create awareness about the University of Sask.
Target: Attendees of the Ontario Education Fair at the Metro Convention Centre Toronto
Tactic: University of Saskatchewan utilized Wild On Media’s Digital Ad Truck to strategically target the 1000s of students attending the Student Expo 2018 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. The Digital Truck was deployed at various entrances of the venue, as well as the Union station which was the preferred transit option for most of the attendees. The campaign educated Ontario students of the university as an out of province option for the higher education.

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In Light of Recent News

We can confirm the Digital Ad Truck seen spreading hateful and Islamophobic message in Toronto on June 18, 2024 is not one of ours, nor are we related in any kind with the campaign.

Every creative or artwork submitted to us is seen by us and not automatically forwarded to Digital Truck technicians, or uploaded or shared with partner vendors. We follow company’s ethics of responsible and productive messaging only.

We commit to our two decades old best practices:

• We will not run any messaging that we know or even suspect that promotes hate of any kind
• We will also not knowingly run ads with symbols, flags, etc. that represents hate
• We will not run any ads that contain disturbing visual content or immodest nudity
• We see each ad material and are able to use discretion to run the ad, ask client to change their creative or cancel the agreement and offer a full refund. In the rare case where questionable content slips through, we will immediately pull the ad.
• As we work with many trusted agency partners, though we don’t question the ad integrity when booking the ad but we do see each and every creative before it gets produced and printed even in quick turnarounds.