Adbikes: Dalhousie

Project Description

Client: Dalhousie University
Medium: Adbikes
Market: Toronto
Objective: To promote the University and encourage students to enroll
Target: Students attending the Ontario Universities Fair held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre in September
Tactic: To utilize two Adbikes that include 4ft. x 6ft. double-sided LED illuminated signs, as well as signage on windshields and hubcaps for branding. The signs included a QR Code that students could scan with their phones and receive information on the University. The Adbikes were also equipped with audio systems that played the Dalhousie theme song. The riders acted as Brand Ambassadors and positioned themselves and the Adbikes at both major entrances of the convention centre to target students entering the fair while handing out pamphlets regarding the University.

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