Digital Ad Truck: Port Credit Canada Day, 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Project Description

Client: Port Credit BIA
Medium: Digital Ad Truck
Market: Canada Day Parade, downtown Port Credit, Port Credit Memorial Park where the festivities and concerts were held
Objective: To utilize Digital Ad Truck as a mobile advertising medium to roam around Port Credit area on June 30th, promoting the Canada Day and 150th Birthday celebrations, as well as display sponsors’ ads. To provide a dynamic and impactful float in the July 1st parade. To display a live feed of the main stage performances as well as play sponsor ads to public attending the event on July 1st & 2nd

Target: Attendees of Canada 150 long weekend celebrations

Tactic: Objectives were achieved by using a Digital Ad Truck with it’s 3 high-resolution screens and extra speakers for dynamic audio. A technology that is capable of counting smart phones within a 300 ft radius was also utilized, therefore providing accurate potential Gross Impressions and a number of people exposed to the ads and live feed. This technology is also able to push graphic ad messages to smart phones within vicinity. Digital Ad Truck displayed sponsor messages on the rear screen while displaying live feed from performance stage on side screens, allowing audiences further from the stage the chance to enjoy the performances. The truck was strategically positioned in the middle of the field allowing all attendees an up-close view of the stage. Port Credit BIA also utilized the Digital Ad Truck as a dynamic float in the parade, bringing attention to sponsor’s ads with its vivid LED screens and attention-grabbing audio.

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