Digital Ad Trucks & Walking Billboards: Corus and Global TV

Project Description

Client: Corus
Medium: Digital Ad Trucks and Brand Ambassadors with Walking Billboards
Market: Toronto
Objective: In order to create buzz around the new TV series “PITCH”, Global Television teamed up with Wild On Media to take the show to the streets of Toronto. A combination of LED Digital Ad Trucks, Walking Billboards and Brand Ambassadors turned heads of thousands in Toronto.
Target: 18+
Tactic: Wild On Media positioned approximately 

15 of our Brand Ambassadors outside the Rogers Centre. The Brand Ambassadors were dressed in San Diego Padres uniforms and wore Wild On Media’s signature LED-illuminated Walking Billboards. While the Brand Ambassadors stood by the Rogers Centre, Wild On Media’s LED Digital Ad Truck circled the area, displaying the “PITCH” video ad on its three brightly lit screens with full audio. The same weekend, Toronto’s prestigious TIFF festival commenced and Wild On Media’s Walking Billboards made their way into the closed off festival streets on King between John St. and Spadina. Crowds gathered around as “PITCH” branded gum was handed out to the public and the billboards were flashed.

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