Digital Ad Truck: Delta Hotels

Project Description

Client: Delta Hotels
Medium: Digital Ad Truck
Objective: To promote the opening of a new Delta Hotel in downtown Toronto
Target: TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Downtown Toronto
Tactic: During the Toronto International Film Festival, Wild On Media introduced the largest LED Video Truck to ever travel the city’s streets. This Super LED Video Truck features two 15-foot wide, full motion, ultra-bright screens plus an animated screen on the rear.

The reaction of the TIFF crowds and regular city-dwellers experiencing the truck as it traveled between and among the theatres participating in TIFF was extraordinary. Many people attempted to actually touch the screens when it was stopped and one person even blocked its path while friends rushed onto the street to take in the excitement. One evening it parked in a secured location, and was accompanied by a DJ to entertain and attract passers-by, as well as people in the vicinity!

This Super LED Video Truck, with its massive, virtually 16:9 format, actually creates a scene! This campaign for Delta Hotels was part of a social media trivia contest driven by the client. As with all Wild On Media campaigns, we had fun joining in the conversation.