Adbikes: CUPE 79

Project Description

Client: CUPE 79 ‘Celebrating in the City 2012
Agency: Scout Media
Medium: AdBikes, Wild Postings, Misting Centre, Event Booths, Promotional Giveaways
Objective: To promote CUPE 79 services and members to city of Toronto
Target: Toronto
Tactic: Throughout the year, CUPE Local 79 members take care of Toronto via their many services, which touches the lives of all its citizens. This summer, CUPE Local 79 helped citizens and visitors enjoy the summer months by participating in many of Toronto’s popular events, with a 

“Celebrate Summer” theme.
At the start, CUPE Local 79 participated in the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the very popular and well-attended Pride Parade, and the South Asia Festival. They continued at the multifaceted Caribana Festival and Toronto’s special food festival of the year, Taste of the Danforth.
CUPE Local 79, through their agency Scout Communications and several of Wild on Media’s advertising mediums, made an appearance at most of the events. Many event attendees cooled off by walking through Wild on Media’s Misting Centre (also called a Misting Tent) and were reminded of the importance of CUPE Local 79 in their lives when they saw the branded Adbikes, Wild on Media’s large truck wrapped with the CUPE Local 79 logo, and all the Wild Postings throughout Toronto. There was also a Street Team consisting of Brand Ambassadors handing out many gifts from CUPE Local 79 such as water bottles, mini medical kits, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, beach balls and even information cards that are seeded (so that you can plant the entire card and watch it flower!)
CUPE Local 79 truly did take care of Toronto this summer, and Wild On Media was proud to have helped its citizens celebrate with them during the city’s most popular events.