Digital Ad Truck, Walking Billboards: Skip The Dishes

Project Description

Client: Skip The Dishes

Agency: True Media

Medium: Digital Ad Truck, Video Wall Projection

Market: Toronto

Objective: To promote Skip The Dishes at the Pride 2018 festivities held in Toronto’s gay village

Target: Pride Week 2018 Toronto’s attendees

Tactic: Skip The Dishes utilized the Digital Ad Truck and Video Wall Projections during the 2018 Pride week in Toronto. On the weekend leading up to the parade on June 24th Skip The Dishes ran guerilla Video Wall Projections to reach the 1000’s of visitors to the events taking place on Church St the epicenter of the gay village and the Pride festivities. Skip The Dishes also utilized Digital Ad Truck that canvassed barricaded areas of the Pride Festival area with the three large LED screens playing the brand’s messages targeted towards the Pride festival visitors.