Street Teams

These days there is a lot of activity taking place on our streets. There’s the normal street traffic of people going to and from their place of employment, shopping at their local stores, visiting their Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers and even dropping in on their places of worship. And most important is the amount of walking people do simply for the exercise.All of this walking actioncreates the lively street scene that adds vitality to a city.

All of this activity makes for vibrancy in any city. And lately, the addition of Street Marketing Teams, has created an atmosphere of everyone taking part in a happening. It’s like turning city streets into one big happy fair. The more action that takes place on the street, the more people want to join in and become a part of that scene.

Street Marketing Teams are a very effective way of creating interest in a variety of products and services. Their personal contact with consumers provides a human bonding experience that elevates the message. Companies that use Street Teams to promote their products reap the value of this people to people communication.

Whether participating in a full scale, well organized event or planning a unique Street Team campaign you should consider Walking Billboards, Sidewalk art work, Product sampling, even a happy Skit presentation or simply handing out coupons and information leaflets by Brand Ambassadors, Street marketing teams are a powerful reminder of the importance of personal contact when promoting and selling products or services whether at an Event or on their own.

George Christidis, President of Wild on Media, says he always feels a sense of pride when he sees the results of Street Team campaigns. Its street theatre and people love to participate in any action that takes place on the street.

Nothing happens until somebody sells something

That line was uttered by one of the greatest advertising salesman the world has even known.His name was Arthur H. (Red) Motley, for 32 years the President and Publisher of Parade Magazine, the weekly news insert that now appears in 530 American newspapers with a circulation of 32,200,000 and a readership of 74 million.When Red became publisher in 1946 the circulation was 2 million a week.When he retired in 1978 the circulation was 19 million a week.

To paraphrase Red, I would add “Very little happens until somebody advertises something”.All of us can think of our favorite brands of food, cars, clothing, shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, etc. etc. etc.All of these favorites likely first came to our attention because of an ad we saw.It may have been in a newspaper or magazine, we may have heard it on radio, seen it on television, or these days, more often than likely, we saw it on an Out-of-Home medium.

As the world we live in continues to evolve, new promotion ideas move in to dislocate the importance of the old and although many of the older standard mediums of our grandparents are still with us, we have diminished their importance in our lives to be replaced by newer mediums.Less than 5 years ago, who would have believed that On Line advertising would have become the powerful force it is today. But, On Line ads and Out-Of-Home advertising have been the one source of advertising that has continually increased their market share over the past ten years.Out-Of-Home has continued to grow because of its ability to seek out and create new OOH mediums that capture the public’s imagination and the advertiser’s dollars.

Out-of-Home mediums have blossomed with Adbikes, Wall Projections, Mobile Video Trucks, Aerial Advertising with massive aerial banners towed by helicopters, as well as Skywriting and large Blimps that develop a powerful and impressive logo image for their sponsors.

Red Motely was right when he said “Nothing happens until somebody sells something” because at that moment, the manufacturing process starts to generate more products to replace the empty shelves that require more products. And one of the most powerful sales voices is advertising.That’s why Brand advertised products outsell non Branded products by a wide margin.Take a look at the shelves in any store and you’ll find Brand products lead in shelf space, an everyday proof that advertising works.

So remember, every time you see an ad promoting a product, a brand, a store or a company, that ad is helping the economy create jobs and a better living for all of us.


Locative Media and Out Of Home Marketing

Locative Media and Out Of Home Marketing: The perfect Advertising Marriage!

Recently Wild on Media attended the Toronto Tiff Nexus event on Locative Media

And the enthusiasm to combine mobile cell technology, with online creative & locative branding was inspiring. Imagine walking past a large retailer that instantly offers you (providing you opt-in of course) an email with an in-store coupon offering you 25% off all items, however the bar-code in the promo email item must be scanned at the store you just walked by. Freaky, huh? This is a double edge sword of modern advertising versus the privacy of the individual, but it’s great for marketers and to a degree titillating to consumers, at the same time. The new wave of locative media also raises questions about privacy.

It was good to see the TIFF NEXUS event address those privacy concerns with regards to the public. If the combination of an opt-in relationship between marketers, advertisers, and the consumer is a mutual and consensual one – then opportunities are abound. Take Wild on Media’s promo bikes for instance, the bikes are used to promote brand messaging throughout urban areas. They are flexible forms of advertising. With large QR codes on the sides of artwork on the promo bikes, smart phone users can quickly scan the messaging and get instant information with an otherwise moving form of advertising.

Sky advertising, with our night signs could offer concert goers the ability to SMS text in a message and the helicopter hovering 1000 feet above could digitally spell out the greeting instantly! The ideas are endless, and the relationship between interactive and Out of Home (OOH) is only going to grow into bigger and better things.

Q107 & VISA create a successful campaign

The joy of launching new campaigns for clients at Wild On Media is the knowledge that NOTHING is repetitive. With the availability of a strong list of unique mediums, Wild On Media can assist clients and their agencies in the creation of promotions that are indeed unique.

Last fall, Q 107 FM and VISA partnered up to create an award winning campaign with the use of walking billboards and their brand ambassadors.Throughout the GTA thousands of people were greeted by brand ambassadors, neatly decked out in VISA white caps and jackets while wearing their unique LED back-lit walking billboards.They appeared in shopping malls in Newmarket, Oshawa, Burlington, and dozens of other Ontario communities to the north, east and west.

The campaign focused on people who spent $40 or less that evening by using their VISA credit card. Those who qualified had the opportunity to win a $25 pre-paid VISA gift card.Hundreds did win, but those who didn’t had their name placed in a draw for an all-expense paid vacation trip to Mexico.

Q107 and AM640 radio with their on-air radio promotion, made the public aware of the campaign by telling listeners where the walking billboards and their brand ambassadors would be on a daily basis, and where the public could interact with them.

Take a winning client team like Q107 and VISA along with a winning medium like walking billboards and brand ambassadors, combine them all in a winning strategic plan and you will spell success any day of the year. Click below to view our Q107 VISA walking billboard YouTube campaign video.

Walking Billboards - "Ads with Legs"

Recently Wild on Media hired 20 Brand Ambassadors to campaign throughout downtown Toronto, wearing (yes, wearing) walking billboard advertisements for Benjamin Moore. The campaign was a huge success, over 40,000 flyers were distributed throughout an 11 day campaign coinciding with the Toronto TIFF Film Festival. Hugely popular in cities throughout Europe, (where many courtyard shopping areas don't allow vehicle traffic), walking billboards are eye-catching and curious forms of advertising to say the least. It's utterly impossible to not notice them! Aside from the obvious form of advertising at street level, these two-legged billboard messages can piggy-back (no pun intended) with retail campaigns or shop promotions in larger malls. Having flyer hand-outs at the front of a large mall directing consumers to a targeted area, is a definite plus for any retailer. Eco-friendly and back-lit LED, they can last up to 4 hours outside at night. Advertising with legs!