Ontario Liberal Party Adbike Campaign

Providing an outdoor platform for one of Canada's political parties, our Adbikes got some much needed mileage around the Toronto Congress Centre. See photos


'Wild On gets video billboard network' - Marketing Mag




Breakfast Television goes live on Yonge and Eglinton video billboard

Jennifer Valentye, City TV’s ‘LIVE-EYE’ on-the-spot host, for breakfast television, broadcast her portion of the Tuesday, May 18th program from Rio Can’s Yonge Eglinton Centre. As thousands trooped by on their way to the subway and work, they were greeted by Tropicana hostesses, offering free glasses of Tropicana orange juice. Meanwhile, Jennifer was chatting up the crowd and also interviewing the yoga exercise instructor supervising a class of willing participants. Besides the yoga instructions some talented guitar musicians also entertained the crowd. All of the activity during the Breakfast Television appearance was seen on Wild on Media’s large video billboard at Rio Can’s Yonge Eglinton Centre.

Wild On Media and Tyskie Beer make an Olympic appearance

The popular Polish beer TYSKIE, contracted Wild on Media to provide the people of Poland with a front row emotional view of the activity surrounding the Vancouver Winter Olympics.


TYSKIE,  a sponsor of the Polish Olympic Association wanted to do something unique at the Olympics. Wild On Media offered a Wall Projections campaign that fit in perfectly with TYSKIE’S wishes. For five nights at different locations near the Olympic village, video cameras captured the projections as well as the passion of the Olympic fans. The footage was placed on Wild On Media’s FPT site after each projection and TYSKIE’S staff in Poland edited the material and placed it on the TYSKIE web site to capture the spirit of the Olympics and convey their support for the Polish athletes.  The people of Poland got a daily sense of  the excitement taking place during the Olympics in Vancouver.