Guaranteed Delivery: Canadian companies are racing to send advertising messages by truck!

There's a mobile advertising truck to suit every market, message and budget.

Trucks are the transport vehicle of choice for wholesale and retail businesses, and they also carry the load for the manufacturing and building industries as well. While transporting items from “Point A” (the source) to “Point B” (the user) advertisers have always used the sides and backs of trucks to send a message from Point A to as many “Point C’s” (Customers) as possible along the way.

Without question, trucks are definitely today’s workhorses for moving everything, and as far as advertising goes, companies sometimes assume there is no choice other than size for displaying their message. In other words, truck advertising has always been a popular and proven medium.

In fact there are at least five non-static image truck advertising systems on wheels, and at least eight ways you can communicate with them. They may not move product, but they can go anywhere a car can go, and they certainly don’t slow down traffic! Everyone sees them, yet they bother nobody.

They don’t even need to be moving while communicating messages from Point A to thousands of Point C’s. Sometimes when you park one of these super cool advertising trucks, people will come! In fact, some trucks continuously attract Point C’s via Bluetooth.

Lately we’ve seen mobile advertising trucks used for some very exciting video, audio and mobile device promotions in Toronto – uptown, downtown, around town, out of town, on street corners and gathering spots, parked adjacent to commuter routes, at entrances to and exits from sporting and entertainment events, and on any day or night of the week.

How many 18-wheelers can do that?

Mobile LED Video Advertising Truck
Equally effective day and night
Static image slides if desired
Video on three independent state-of-the-art LED screens
High quality sound
Bluetooth messaging to smartdevices within 500-foot radius

Mobile Video Projection Advertising Truck
Dusk and night time only
Static image slides if desired
Video on three independent screens
High quality sound

Mobile Scrolling Advertising Truck
Equally effective day and night
Static images printed on scrolling canvases
Three ads rotate on rollers on all three sides, according to a schedule

Mobile Glass Display Advertising Truck
Equally effective day and night
A three-sided Plexiglas showcase on wheels
Internal lighting, can house models when parked
High quality sound
Roller blinds can continuously hide and reveal your display
Entire truck can be wrapped

Mobile Tri-Vision Advertising Truck
Daytime only
Larger than all other trucks
Three super-sized static images rotate on each of three sides