Street Teams

These days there is a lot of activity taking place on our streets. There’s the normal street traffic of people going to and from their place of employment, shopping at their local stores, visiting their Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers and even dropping in on their places of worship. And most important is the amount of walking people do simply for the exercise.All of this walking actioncreates the lively street scene that adds vitality to a city.

All of this activity makes for vibrancy in any city. And lately, the addition of Street Marketing Teams, has created an atmosphere of everyone taking part in a happening. It’s like turning city streets into one big happy fair. The more action that takes place on the street, the more people want to join in and become a part of that scene.

Street Marketing Teams are a very effective way of creating interest in a variety of products and services. Their personal contact with consumers provides a human bonding experience that elevates the message. Companies that use Street Teams to promote their products reap the value of this people to people communication.

Whether participating in a full scale, well organized event or planning a unique Street Team campaign you should consider Walking Billboards, Sidewalk art work, Product sampling, even a happy Skit presentation or simply handing out coupons and information leaflets by Brand Ambassadors, Street marketing teams are a powerful reminder of the importance of personal contact when promoting and selling products or services whether at an Event or on their own.

George Christidis, President of Wild on Media, says he always feels a sense of pride when he sees the results of Street Team campaigns. Its street theatre and people love to participate in any action that takes place on the street.